About Us

Sindh Online School (SOS) is the first Sindhi e-learning website of Sindh province of Pakistan where video lessons from class 1 to 10 are posted. The video lessons are prepared based upon the curriculum recommended by the Sindh Textbook Board Jamshoro. The Sindh Online School video lectures are recorded by utilizing state-of-the-art computer technologies. The SOS is run by volunteers, and the recorded video lessons are available free of charge.

Our Mission

To provide world-class free online education & to promote language and culture of Sindh.

Uniqueness of Sindh Online School

• First E-Learning Website of Sindh
• Use of technology & innovative ways of teaching
• Easily illustrated bite size videos
• Focus on Science Education
• Qualified & experienced faculty
• Extra curricular sections
• Discussion forum


The idea of Sindh Online School (SOS) was born in 2020. The SOS started in the days when Covid-19 hit everywhere on the Globe. Lockdown restrictions, financial constraints & resource unavailability did not hinder towards our goal, when we launched our website with our initial lessons on June 7, 2020.


We have over 500 video lessons posted on our website. In addition, we are adding more every week and improving on content daily.


Starting is easy, sustaining with improvement is the challenge. We dream to provide world-class free education to masses. We are in need of resources (time, money and person power) so that we may achieve sustainable growth.


Muhammad Ismail Kandhro (late)

Sindh Online School is established to serve the community, and I wish to dedicate this effort to my beloved late father Muhammad Ismail Kandhro. He was a dedicated elementary school teacher for 27 years. During his retirement party arranged to honor his dedicated service, he said, addressing his fellow teachers, “Do take care of Sindh’s education which lags behind!” He dreamed of a prosperous and educated Sindh. We hope the Sindh Online School will play its role in betterment of Sindh’s education.
Qadeer Ahmed Kandhro (Founder Sindh Online School)