Welcome to Sindh Online School



Sindh Online School has started with the help of a small team of volunteers during the Covid-19 lockdown. In spite of limited resources, lock down restrictions; the volunteers worked around the clock, and we not only succeeded in launching the first Sindhi e-learning website but also created the contents and posted on the website. To implement this pilot project to fully developed and functional entity, we need not only additional team members but also learning resources, software & hardware tools, Science laboratory materials, Web & App development support & outsourcing of animated contents, etc. We have taken the initiative, have seeded the soil, which ultimately will grow and bear its fruit for the better future of Sindh. We appeal the well-wishers and friends of Sindh to please come forward and take ownership of Sindh Online School.

جيڪي سنڌ جا سڄڻ اسانجي مدد ڪرڻ گهرن ٿا يا اسانجي ٽيم ۾ شامل ٿيڻ چاهن ٿا سي هيٺ ڏنل ايميل، واٽس ايپ نمبر يا فيسبڪ ميسينجر وسيلي رابطو ڪري سگهن ٿا. لک لائق اسين سنڌ جي سڄڻن ۽ گھڻگھرن کي گذارش ٿا ڪريون تہ اڳتي اچو ۽ سنڌ آنلائن اسڪول جي مالڪي ڪريو.

Qadeer Ahmed Kandhro